Spiritual Journey to Peru

Join Ase Ire and Centro Sachamama for a journey to Lamas, Peru located 15 miles from Tarapoto, the “City of Palms,” in the heart of the Amazonian highlands. There, we will commune with the indigenous Quechua people, enjoy all-natural, organic, locally grown foods, and participate in High Amazonian shamanic workshops and ceremonies under the guidance of native shamans and the qualified staff at the Sachamama Center. 

Stay tuned for more trips to Sachamama!

Embracing Emi
Summer Retreats

Emi is the breath of life breathed into each human being by Olodumare, the almighty Creator of the Universe. Emi is the daughter of the Creator and the the animating force that moves each of us. She is the soul, the spirit and so much more. Through meditation, movement, and other activities, we will connect with and embrace our own Emi and connect with others.
Stay tuned for more retreats!

Sacred Healing and Wholeness
in Africa & the Americas
Exploring Health & Holistic Harmony in African,
African-Diasporic & Indigenous Religions

Friday, April 13, 2012
9 am – 6 pm

Harvard University

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