What is Ase Ire?

Ase Ire is an inspirational, informational webspace aimed at Promoting the Power of Positivity! Funlayo knows that the mental and spiritual affect the physical and that maintaining a positive outlook and energy around you promotes positive happenings in your life! She and her circle of friends want to help you build that power.

While Funlayo is a priestess of the Ifa-Orisa African Indigenous spiritual tradition, the views expressed on Ase Ire are truly universal. Whatever your religion, spiritual affiliation or lack thereof if you're open to the power of positivity,  you are welcome here! Positive energy knows no names or bounds -- let's share in it together!


Why Ase Ire? 

This web space is called Ase Ire because it is our hope that it will stir your spiritual energy, and help make positive things happen within you. We pray that you will find many things here that will make you say "Ase!" and that this site will bring you much ire!

What Does Ase Ire Mean? 

Ase (pronounced "ah-sheh"; also spelled ashe) and ire (pronounced "ee-ray") are words in the Yoruba language of West Africa. Yoruba words often have mupltiple meanings:

Ase is generally defined as "the power to make things happen" and also refers to the spiritual life force that flows through things, much like the Chinese concept of chiAse can also be used to express agreement -- saying "Ase!" can be like saying "Right on!" Ase is also a way of saying, "so let it be" and is used by Orisa worshippers in the way "amen" would be used by Christians following a prayer.

Ire is defined as a blessing or positive thing. According to the Yoruba, there several ire in life among them being health, long life, spouse, children, prosperity and wisdom.

Linguistic Note 

The Yoruba language uses tonal and diacritical marks, however, it has become common practice to omit these marks when writing online because of unreliable display properties. In standard Yoruba, ase is written: