Blessed greetings and Happy Earth Day 2013!

The issues of environmental protection and preservation are particularly important to me. One of my dearest friends even regards me as something of a fanatic in that regard and you know... I can't disagree with her! *laugh* As I spoke of in this post, Ifa-Orisa practitioners – as well as practitioners of many other earth-based and indigenous religions – regard the earth not as a "thing" over which we have dominion and which is simply there for our use, but as our mother and a sacred being. She is called by many names including Mother Earth, Pachamama and ile ogeere a foko yeri 
For us, respecting and caring for her is a duty, not an option. 

No one would throw trash onto the floor of a mosque or stand idly by as others pour oil into the holy water in a church, but many of us throw trash onto our mother’s back and say nothing as the holy waters that run in her veins to become more and more polluted by the day. It may seem like too big and widespread of a problem to change but, as Mohammad Ali said, “Impossible is nothing!” -- especially in the hands of the dedicated. 

Every day is another chance to reverse the damage and to teach our 
children -- and impress upon those around us -- respect for our mother. While it is easy to doubt the impact of our individual actions, remember that the ocean is composed of single drops of water. Know that you can indeed make a difference. 

Today and every day, let us commit to being and doing better! Here are some helpful tips for getting started.