Alaafia! I pray the day is treating you well. I had such a beautiful experience this past Sunday; I just had to share it with all of you. Aside from volunteering at the AIDS Walk (you can still donate until June 4th, by the way!) which was great fun, a good friend of mine invited me to a musical recital. This was no ordinary recital, however, it was a beautiful and extraordinary display and testament to the power of music to do wonderful things within people.

Daniel's Music is a New York City Foundation dedicated to teaching music - vocal and instrumental - to people with disabilities, both physical and developmental. Learning to sing and play music has helped many people with special needs from age 3 to adults gain coordination and confidence in themselves. I literally sat with tears in my eyes and pride in my heart while watching these people give their all as they performed. While I only knew one of them personally, I felt as though they all represented the best of what's within each of us: the drive to surpass any perceived limitations, to achieve what some may think is impossible and to enjoy life! Meditate on those feelings for a moment...

The classes Daniel's Music offers are free to their members, they count on donations and volunteers to do their work. If you're able, consider making a donation or volunteering some time. Time is, indeed, the greatest sacrifice we can make.

Peace & blessings 'til next time!