E kaaro
(good morning) from Victoria Island, Lagos! I am happy to share that I have completed the 8-week course in Yorùbá language that I came to attend at Obafemi Awolowo University (Greeeeaaaaat Ife!). Although I was certainly sad to leave my new friends and colleagues at the Institute of Cultural Studies, it feels great to have accomplished the goal that I set out to accomplish.

One of the nicest things about being here in Nigeria is experiencing all of the wonderful arts and handcrafts that are produced here. From hand-dyed adire cloth, to wood carvings, to paintings, to bronze casting, to beading, to the most sharply and creatively tailored clothing you ever want to see, Yorùbáland is replete with incredibly talented people making beautiful things!

One thing that I’ve fallen in love with is this handmade, 100% natural, cold-processed shea butter and palm oil soap crafted by Iya Ifaronke, a Trinidadian Iyanifa who now makes her home in Oyo. The soap is super moisturizing, gentle enough for use on babies and at only $6/bar (2 for $10) it’s quite affordable. I will add the soap (and some other goodies!) to the site soon, in the new shop. But you can pre-order now for shipment on September 10, 2011 to guarantee that you get to try this amazingly rich soap. She’s working on making some different varieties that I know will be just fantastic!

I look forward to sharing this and more wonderful Yorùbáland pampering products with you! (Don't forget you can visit my mentor’s shop for Ifá needs such as opon, iyerosun, ikin, and more!)

O digba kan naa (bye for now)!