I pray you’ve had a great week. I’m finally able to decompress a little bit after having taken the GRE yesterday – one of the many steps in the grad school application process I mentioned in the last post. Before taking any big test or taking any important step in life, it’s important to RELAX! Between studying and other preparation, the stress level can get pretty high and going into a test or other important event with frazzled nerves is a no-no.

In addition to a positive thoughts, attitude and affirmations, it’s important to relax the body. Breathing exercises, meditation and stretching are all great ways to do that. As many of you know by now, my preferred way to relax is with baths, so Thursday night before the big day on Friday, I took a long, hot bath using one of my favorite products: Perlier Honey Bath Crème!

Ok, I admittedly "borrowed" this great Italian bath crème from my mom and I never wanted to give it back! It smells heavenly, feels marvelous, lathers well and leaves your skin feeling sumptuous! Not to mention, look how cute the jar is with the honey dipper! This is totally unisex. It’s got a mild scent, not "perfumey" at all and it will definitely be a most welcome gift (hint, hint!) *laugh*

Relax and do something for YOU today. You work hard, you deserve it! And please, share your ideas and thoughts about what you like to do to relax, we’d love to hear them!