Happy Sunday! I don’t know what’s going on where you are, but it’s windy and rainy here in New York – the perfect type of day to stay in and do some pampering! You all know how much I love baths and I’ve found a fantastic product like that makes one of my favorite pastimes even more enjoyable.

I discovered this little gem while at the Circle of Sisters Expo with my mother last weekend. I smelled their Mango Melon body butter and immediately fell in love! The scent was heavenly and the texture was light, fluffy and not at all greasy. Apparently, many other ladies found it delectable too because when I got ready to buy some there wasn’t any left. I wasn’t too disappointed though, because the Rose body butter (it’s not on the site but contact them if you’re interested, if you like rose scent you’ll love it) was just as lovely and 50% of the proceeds of sales of any of their pink rose products will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

The best thing about Opulent Spirit is their commitment to being environmentally friendly and cost-effective for their consumers, check this out: once you use up your product, you can send the container back and get it refilled for half the price of the original product! That’s fantastic!

If you’re in the market for bath products – and when aren’t we? – definitely give Opulent Spirit a try. I’m just about ready for a bath right now!

Have a wonderful rest of the day!