Happy weekend! I pray that you’ve had a positive and productive week, I know I have! I had the pleasure of attending the Uptown Girl! Awards created by Majora Carter of the Majora Carter Group on Wednesday evening and I’m off to a fantastic art show today – I’ll share the details of both with you this week. I have to have these little interludes to keep me pumped up as I do my school and work thing and step further into this PhD application process… and it IS a process!

Anyone who knows me knows that another one of my favorite interludes is baths! Love ‘em, love ‘em, love ‘em! I try to take at least one a week and I vary my ingredients to soothe my body, mind and soul. I posted a picture of the bath above on facebook and got quite a few comments and messages loving the look and asking what was in it. Of course, I’m all about sharing so here’s the recipe:

-  2 cups of milk (whole works best because it’s the fat you want, but low-fat works too)  

- About 2 tablespoons of honey (I never really measure it)

- 5 drops of perfume oil (I used a delicious Queen Hatshepsut oil I bought in Egypt last year, use your favorite)

- Rose petals (Or any flower petals you like, optional)

This bath will truly make you feel like a queen! Men, take notes, this is the bath to make for your lady – or for yourself, you need pampering too – after a hard week. For another idea, check out the post on rose water from last week.

Have a fantastic weekend!