'Funlayo with her soul sista Kyrah (right) and Carol's Daughter Founder Lisa Price (center)
Happy Sunday all! I just realized that it’s been WAY too long since I did a Pamper Yourself post! But don’t worry, I definitely haven’t stopped pampering myself – and I hope you haven’t either. I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Price, the creator of Carol’s Daughter, last weekend at a wonderful birthday celebration for the Association of Black Harvard Women (note: if you’re a Black woman at Harvard, register for this wonderful mini-conference coming up at the end of April! I'll be facilitating the Mental & Spiritual Health workshop) Ms. Price, who delivered the keynote address for ABHW’s celebration luncheon, was friendly, funny and refreshingly real. Meeting her was a treat!

Speaking of treats, if you've been around a while you know how much I love honey and roses. Can I tell you how incredibly delicious and wonderful the new limited edition Roses & Honey CD products are? I hadn’t bought any CD stuff for a long while but my aunt gave me a gift card over the holidays (thanks Aunt Bev!) and, interestingly enough, I had just gotten around to ordering the day before the event. The products arrived super quickly and I immediately broke them open and headed toward the shower with the Moisturizing Body Cleansing Cream in tow. The cleansing cream smells a bit more honey than rose and the shea soufflé smells a bit more rose than honey but both are luscious and delightful. There’s even a lip balm that you get free (probably for a limited time!) when you order the cream and soufflé set which smells and feels fantastic.

I’m super happy with the purchase and even happier to have met Ms. Price and to hear her wonderfully encouraging story of success despite the odds. At the conclusion of her talk, she said something thatI have said before and deeply appreciate: instead of worrying about what others will think, say or do to try to get in our way, we should focus on being the best that we can be and making the changes we need to make because we only have control over ourselves and no one else.

Here’s to being the absolute best we can be – and to smelling great and feeling silky soft while we do it!

~ 'Funlayo