I pray your weekend was as fun-filled and love-filled as mine! My goddaughter and a friend of mine came over to help me with the packing process I'm currently engulfed in and another friend made what turned out to be a treacherous bus journey from to DC to New York to see me before I make my way to Bawstin. I had a great time with her playing tourist in my own city, that's one of the pictures above. It's beautiful to have people who love you and who you can depend on; Ifa says that useless people are as plentiful as trees in the forest but a true person -- an honest person, a true friend -- is as rare as a spare eye. I feel very blessed to have a few "spare eyes" around!

After packing, cooking, touring and hitting the street festival circuit, I needed to relax and release. As many of you know, I'm especially fond of baths and of LUSH bath and body products and I was delighted to finally use some of my LUSH rose bubble bar. A small piece of the bar under some hot running water and I was enveloped in the softest, fluffiest, bubbles ever and the delicate scent of roses... yum! Bubbles baths aren't just for kids (or just for ladies, brothas!) but something about a tub full of suds does transport you back to the joyful feelings of childhood. When's the last time you took a bubble bath? Played with handfuls of bubbles and laughed all by yourself? It's probably been too long...

Praying moments of delight for you always!