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Happy 2011! I pray that you were able to ring it in doing something fun! I took a wonderful white bath, said my prayers and then spent the rest of the night drinking hot cocoa, eating homemade biscuits with tupelo honey butter and laughing like crazy with my oldest brother. It was a relaxed yet fun-filled evening just like I wanted. Laughter is a great way to start – or finish! – just about anything.

I have to admit, although the celebration was lots of fun, I don’t feel profoundly different than I did yesterday. Do you? I’ll guess that you don’t because, for good or ill, we are the same people we were yesterday; no magical switch was flipped at midnight last night to turn us into different people. Around the turn of a new year, many people make resolutions, vowing to change certain things in their lives as though the new year itself is going to be the catalyst for change. The truth is, though, that if we want to make changes in our lives it’s going to take the same hard work and dedication that it would have taken yesterday and that we – the same us, not some mythical new version – will have to be the catalyst for the change.
I pray that each of you is able to make any changes you deem necessary in your lives. As long  as we have life we have a chance to transform ourselves for the better, whether it's the first day or the 232nd day of the year. May your ori guide you well in the process and may your divinities support you and help to illuminate the path. Ase!