Se alaafia ni, family? I pray that all is well and that you are immensely enjoying the bright sunshine and warm temperatures of summer. I have been having great times with my family and friends and am looking forward to a fantastic weekend – there’s still time for you to register and join me in the beautiful Pocono mountains. Also, if you’re in New York City, treat yourself to this fabulous event on Wednesday evening being hosted by my friends at WURArts and other great organizations featuring Mãe India of the Terreiro do Bogum in Bahia, Brazil.

Earlier today, a good girlfriend and I took a dip in the pool. I jumped into the cool waters and, as I eagerly hollered to her to follow suit, she confided in me that she had never actually leapt into a pool before. Although she swims well, she had always safely climbed down the ladder rather than jumping. Well, all that was to change today!

“C’mon, jump!”
 I exclaimed, and then I counted to 3 for her a few times to no avail. She stood on the side, nervous and hesitant; the thought of lifting both feet off the ground seemed too much to bear. A gentleman sunning himself in a nearby lounge chair joined in the cheering, encouraging her to take the plunge. After a few minutes she worked up the nerve and with little ado, she bounded into the air and landed in the pool with a triumphant splash, shouting:

“That was great, I’m gonna do it again!”

Have you ever been standing on the side, afraid to jump in? Are you standing there now? Whether it is a new hobby, career change, budding relationship or any other undertaking, you’ll never know how it will turn out until you jump in! Now, of course, if you can’t swim... please, stay out of the deep end. But if you know you have the necessary skills, don’t let a few butterflies in the stomach and the fear of doing something new hold you back. Jump in and feel the refreshing sensation of a job well done! And don't forget to surround yourself with positive people who will encourage you every step of the way – steer clear of those who will project their fears onto you and try to hold you back.

Today and every day, I pray for you the courage of Ogun. May your path be clear, your heart strong and brave. May your confidence soar and may you have success – and fun! – at each of life’s turns. And each time you dare to take a leap of faith, may the arms of the Divine catch and embrace you. Ase!