The weekend is here! I pray you’ve all had a wonderful week and got much accomplished. Like many native New Yorkers, I did not get my driver’s license as a teen. I am, however, very proud to announce that I took and passed my road test on the first go ‘round and got my license yesterday – that's the celebratory rose petals on the dashboard up above – watch out road!

The path to me getting my license was long and winding. I learned how to drive when I was living in Florida, on a stick no less. Good start! Upon moving back to New York in 2002, I took the written test, got a permit and took a defensive driving class to help ensure a lower my insurance rate for that moment when I finally did get my license and a car. 5 years later, my permit was expired and I still had no license. I was, admittedly, discouraged and had convinced myself that I “didn’t need to drive” and that perhaps I “wasn’t meant to drive.” Ever had those conversations with yourself over something you’re having difficulty with?

Last year I bit the bullet and took the written test again, re-obtaining my permit. I practiced off and on but still wasn’t fully committed to the venture. And then something clicked. I realized that driving represents a certain level of freedom, of access and of independence. I realized that it represents a milestone achievement and that, really, a part of me was afraid to take the test. Afraid to try and afraid to fail. Afraid to do something I wasn’t quite the best at… yet. Once I was able to realize and admit to my fear, I immediately found the courage and determination to get my license. I practiced, scheduled the test and the rest is history.

We all have moments of fear, moments of doubt and frozen moments where we allow things to fall by the wayside. Today, I encourage you to pick up something that you have put down and examine it. What will it take for you to move past the fear, the doubt or the blockage you’re facing? Being honest with ourselves, embracing our difficulties and committing to move past them is the first step to getting back behind the wheel and riding off into the sunset. See you on the road!