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E kurole o! (Good evening!) I pray you’re all doing exceptionally well and that those of you who may have traveled to visit family this past weekend enjoyed yourselves and had smooth, safe travels. Did you get my email message on Thursday? If not, be sure to join Ase Ire's newly improved mailing list to make sure you don't miss any of my special messages and posts.
This week I was reflecting on some of the various people who have passed through my life in recent years. I thought about people with whom I was once close, those who have taught me – and others who I have taught – who, for one reason or another, are now no longer a regular part of my life. It can be very difficult to let go of past teachers, friends, godparents or romantic partners with whom we have parted ways. Depending on the circumstances of the separation, bitterness, anger and hurt may continue to lurk beneath the surfaces of our souls for far longer than we think. But a mention of the person’s name, seeing him on the street (or these days, on facebook) or being reminded of her in some other capacity can sometimes pull these feelings that we didn’t even realize were there to the surface.

These reactions are natural and, like all of our emotions, they are a part of what make us human. But I pray that we are all able to work through these feelings a little more smoothly when we realize that, as an oft-cited proverb states: people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. And the truth is, very few people will be in the lifetime category. Most often, a person will come into our life to teach us something, to start us on a path, to learn something from us, to help us grow, or for a variety of other reasons, and they will only stay in our lives for a period.

While separating may be painful, when the time comes – let go. Offer a prayer of gratitude for all you experienced with the person and let go because holding on to relationships past their time can stifle both your growth and the other person’s. This doesn’t mean, of course, that every relationship that hits a rough patch should be abandoned, but if you find that there are more rough patches than smooth ones, or you discover fundamental differences in your attitude and approach toward life, it may be that the relationship has served its purpose and run its course.

Today and every day, I pray meaningful, fruitful relationships for each of you. May they be sweet and beneficial while they last, and may they end smoothly and peacefully if and when the time comes for them to end. May we recognize the reasons, the seasons and the lifetimes.

To all of those who have helped me on my path and who have been a part of my life at one time or another, modupe! E se pupo! (I am grateful! Thank you!) I pray immense blessings on each of you always. Ase.