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I was looking through the children’s books in the City College bookstore the other day. I’m a big kid at heart, and I also have a beautiful niece and nephew who I love to buy books for. Children’s books are always so beautiful and positive – many adults would probably benefit from reading a child’s book every now and then!

Children experience a lot more negative talk than we may realize – they’re often being dictated to, threatened and stifled in many ways. While much of this is necessary for their survival and well-being, it still creates some manner of negative energy around them. Happiness and positivity in the form of books, songs and games are just the things that children need to share with their caretakers to balance the energy out.

It’s never too early to begin cultivating positive attitudes in our children, and this book, Cherish Today: A Celebration of Life's Moments by Kristina Evans, is a great place to start. I found the illustrations beautiful and the message so uplifting! Here’s one refrain:

Exciting adventures lie ahead in your path
For every tear shed, you are promised two laughs.
So just take it slow, one day at a time
And you'll find that your path is truly divine.

This book will make a beautiful gift for a child in your life. I picked up a few! This week, share some love and positivity with a child in your life. And remember: learning goes both ways, children have things to teach you, too!