Blessed greetings Ase Ire family! I pray, as always, that this day finds you well. I feel blessed to have had such a fantastic weekend celebrating my Masters graduation with dinner at Brazil Brazil and a fun day at Spa Castle -- this place is great and one of New York's best kept secrets, check it out sometime!
It's interesting how even the simplest, most ordinairy actions can provoke deep thoughts. This morning, I was riding in the car with my mom and I began to buff my nails. As I buffed they got shinier and shiner and when I was done, it looked like they were coated in clear polish. As I sat there admiring my work, I realized that I wouldn't have to polish my nails, as I had planned, because they were already so shiny.
This led me to think about how we often "coat" ourselves in layers of "polish" and pile ourselves up with all kinds of unneccessary accoutrements -- physical, mental and spiritual -- when all we really need to do is "buff" ourselves up a little. We can "buff" ourselves by refining our natural, inner beauty: honing our gifts and talents, taking care of our physical temples, praying and/or meditating, being kind to ourselves and others and making the most of every moment so that we are able to truly shine inside and out.
Today and every day, I pray that you are able to remove some of the unnecessary coatings you may have on yourself and find your inner shine.

Much ire!